Friday, December 30, 2005

Starting Trials Off of the Ventilator

Well, we have been truly blessed this Christmas. On Friday night (12/23/05), Kayla's Pulmonologist stopped by the house to visit Kayla and decided that Kayla was strong enough to begin trials off of the ventilator. Jeff and I were completely stunned by the news since just 3 weeks earlier he thought that we would have to wait until the spring to start taking her off. He said that he was so amazed at how strong Kayla was and how much she was moving that it was likely that she would do really well since her lung muscles were probably getting stronger as well. He also mentioned that her weight gain seemed very good and that would help to support her while she’s off of the ventilator burning more calories than normal. Kayla weighed in today at 14 lbs. 8.5 oz.

We started taking her off of the ventilator for 30 minute spurts a few times a day. Today we took her off 3 times. If she handles her trials well, then we can increase the time by 15 minutes every 3 days. So far Kayla has handled her first few trials well so we are hopeful that her progress will continue. The only changes that we see are in the amount that she needs to be suctioned when she is off of the ventilator. We are so ecstatic to have a chance to take her out of her room for these trials that we usually spend the time walking her around the house and showing her different parts of the house. It has been fun introducing her to the dogs who stay downstairs most of the time. When she sees them her eyes get so wide with curiosity. The dogs seem to understand what is going on and are very calm and sweet when she’s around them too.

Kayla has been moving more everyday and has really started to make meaningful movements with her hands. We bought her some ‘Brainy Baby’ toys for Christmas that light up and play music and she has learned how to hit the keys to make them play. It’s so amazing watching her learn and grow. What a little miracle baby!

We need to run but will write more later.

Have a Wonderful New Year,


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