Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our Beautiful Little Girl is Growing Up!

For Kayla's 3rd birthday this year, we decided to have some pictures made of her at Enchanted Images near our home in Rocklin, California. A good friend of ours recommended them and they were right, the photographers were really sweet and compassionate about all we'd been through over the last few years with Kayla. They took there time and got some really amazing pictures of Kayla, Jeff and me. I especially love the one of us walking in our bare feet. It really captures Kayla's carefree and loving spirit. It's also very symbolic for us to have pictures of her walking since we were told she may never walk. As you all know, Kayla was diagnosed at birth with congenital myotonic dystrophy and her prognosis was very poor. Kayla has proven to be an amazing fighter and has a strong will to live. She's the happiest kid I've ever met and spends most of her time trying to make sure everyone around her knows that they are loved. She's a hugger and kisser and I've heard that she rescues all the kids at school when they get hurt. That's my girl! Well, I had to share these photos with you as these moments are what keep us going. It's nice to have some amazing 'normal' moments in all of the craziness we'd had in our lives.

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English Cottage in Georgia said...

The pics are absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

Both my sons are currently being tested for Myotonic Dystrophy.I happened upon your blog in researching. You have provided great resources, thank you. Your daughter is beautiful. Blessings.