Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kayla started horse riding therapy - also known as Hippotherapy

Kayla and I at 'Ride to Walk'

Once again, it's been way too long since I've journaled and so much has happened since my last entry. One of the best things that we have done lately is to get Kayla into a horse riding therapy program, also known as hippo therapy. We started last Friday at a local horse ranch near our home. The program is called 'Ride to Walk'. The people who run the program are amazing and so great with the kids. I wasn't sure exactly how Kayla would react to riding a horse and was so amazed to see how she handled it. She seemed a little scared at first but didn't really cry. She was whimpering a little as she went around the ring the first time and then after that she seemed to love it. There are 3 people with each rider, one to lead the horse and one at each side of the rider. One of the side walkers is her physical therapist. They do all sorts of skills as they go around the ring, including placing rings on cones, lifting stuffed animals off of polls around the ring, turning and riding backwards, putting bean bags into boards with holes in it. All of these things take core muscles to accomplish so it's quite a workout for the kids. It's not only good for core strength but also for speech. It was amazing to hear Kayla talking, telling the horse to "Walk on" and "Whoa" to make it stop. She was also naming lots of animals that they have pictures of scattered throughout the ring. It was so incredible. Of course I spent most of the time at the side of the ring with Jeff bawling my eyes out. They were tears of joy to see Kayla so independent and doing something that I know will benefit her in so many ways. It was a moment I will remember forever.

Kayla's First Time Around the Ring

Kayla's starting to get more comfortable

Kayla placing rings on a cone

Kayla's therapist (right) and walkers


English Cottage in Georgia said...

Lisa, glad to see you...again:-)
Sara loves horsback riding. English riding is fantastic for her tummy muscles (weak) and uses her leg muscles with she had great strength - not endurance, at birth.
Before we left Texas, we took Hannah ( Sara's niece born 2 months premature and cmmd) to lesson and she loved it.

Chastity said...


I am so proud of Kayla, she is doing great. Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see you guys.
Love you guys!