Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Empower a Child with Therapeutic Horse Therapy

Kayla was recently highlighted in two videos about horse therapy. The Bay Area Equestrian Network did a story on how this therapy is beneficial to children with special needs. "How to Empower a Child"

As I've mentioned in the past, Kayla does weekly horse therapy at Ride To Walk in Lincoln, CA. Ride to Walk was also recently highlighted on Channel 10 in Sacramento. "Ride To Walk" Program Needs Some Heroes.

This therapy has helped Kayla to gain confidence, core strength and stability, and encourage her verbal expression. The California state government recently cut funding for Ride To Walk saying that this therapy is recreational. It's so much more than recreational and has helped Kayla and so many kids thrive. It is such a shame that the government has given up on supporting programs like this as they are so incredibly beneficial. Shame on you Arnold Schwarzenegger. It not only has been good for Kayla but has been good for me as a parent to be able to provide Kayla with this opportunity. Unfortunately, due to funding cuts, parents have been asked to pick up the bill and that has caused many parents to have to pull their children from the program. How are we as a country allowing cuts like this to be made as we bail out major banks and companies. It's hard for me to get my head around how these decisions are made. All kids deserve a chance to thrive and programs like horse therapy are so important for kids with special needs, especially kids with motor and speech issues.

If you love horses and helping people with special challenges, Ride To Walk is always seeking volunteers and financial support.

With Love and Hope,

Lisa (aka: Kayla's mom)

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Elizabeth said...

While this is horrible, we have no such program in my state (SC) and even worse is that our Medicaid is trying to cut therapy visits and retro it which would mean most kids wouldn't get any kind of therapy (unless they pay out of pocket) for the rest of the fiscal year. It's hard having a kid with special needs especially in this economy. My son occasionally gets to ride horses through his PT who pays to bring horses to her facility.