Friday, August 29, 2014

Stanford Medical Students Learn About Myotonic Dystrophy First Hand

Left to right: Jane Hull Harvey, Lisa Harvey, Kayla Vittek (front), Dr. John W. Day and Dr. Gilbert Chu

Kayla, my mom Jane and I traveled to Stanford Medical School this morning to meet with the first year medical students for a class in nucleotide repeat diseases. Myotonic dystrophy is a nucleotide repeat disease so we were able to share our story and help these young students to understand how this disorder impacts a family medically, socially, educationally, and financially to name a few. We had lots of great questions from the students and the feedback after was very positive. It is so healing to know we are making a difference in these future doctor's lives when it comes to diagnosing and caring for patients with this disorder. I'm feeling very grateful for the opportunity.

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טל said...

my wife is 32 years old
she is Myotonic Dystrophy diagnistic only since she get our young baby born
after she get pragent when she get birth
she was on ICU for 1 week.
with Heart Event i dont know how to say it
i with god will give you power and heatlth and long life