Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Beginnings - A Day To Remember

Our Wedding Day - September 12, 2015

As most of you probably know, I met a wonderful man at the end of 2014 and on September 12, 2015 we were married. It just happened to be the same date 10 later to the day of Kayla's diagnosis of Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy (CDM), Paul and I  had a small but beautiful celebration at our home in Capitola and had our ceremony at the end of our street overlooking the Monterey Bay. My father married us and both of our mom's did readings. My sister Kathy was my maid of honor and Paul's friend Ray Schaeffer was Paul's best man. Kayla was so amazing that day and kept asking "we're a family, right?". I think she has longed for me to settle down for a long time. I will be changing my last name from my maiden name of Harvey to Harvey-Duren. Kayla will remain Kayla Vittek.

We were so honored to have her amazing neurologist from Stanford, Dr. John W. Day and his lovely wife Suzanne join us for our wedding day. Kayla was over the moon to see him and spend time outside of the clinic visiting with him. 

Paul has been such a blessing in our lives and although he never had kids of his own, he's jumped head first into the step-father role like he had lots of experience. He and Kayla have a really special bond and it just warms my heart to see them together.

It was truly a magical day to remember and a great start to our new life together. 


payneisgood said...

Happy Day!

Leocard said...

Top blog! Ciao Lisa 😀

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa,

Hope you are well. We are trying now Orudis, Ketoprofen after the study that did on the NSAIDs...... Chris is stable but hard to see any difference in the Erythromycin. He is stable with no pneumonia.

Good luck with your Blog...


Camy said...

Good news that you have your BLOG bak after a long struggle.
Love and happiness to you from Camy in Brazil!
Call me at dinner time!

Unknown said...

Such an amazing story to hear in person and then read later. Thank you so much for sharing.
- Penny