Thursday, August 26, 2021

Celebrating Our 9th Year of Training the Stanford Medical Students about Myotonic Dystrophy

This morning, my mom (Jane), my dad (Pharis), Paul and I met with the first year medical students from Stanford University for the 9th year in a row. Every year we all look forward to this day and Kayla always loved meeting the students as we helped them to understand the impacts that myotonic dystrophy can have on a family. This year was over Zoom so it was definitely different but it was still an incredible experience. 

We shared a video of Kayla’s life which of course brought me and others to tears but it was also very healing to know that she can still make an impact. We were able to educate over 90 new students in their first week of medical school so they know what to look for as they begin diagnosing patients in the future. The new young doctors grilled us with thought provoking questions and thanked us for sharing Kayla’s story with them. As this disease is genetic they were able to see 3 generations of how this disease affects families. I left the meeting feeling so grateful for having this incredible opportunity. I hope Kayla was looking down on us with pride that we are continuing the work we started together so many years ago. ❤️ 😇

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