Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Kayla's Having an MRI

Jeff and I have spent the last few days meeting with all of Kayla's doctors including an ophthalmologist, neurologist, geneticist, and many other specialists who have been brought in to assess Kayla. She is still not able to breathe or eat on her own and remains in a hypotonic (floppy) state. The doctors have advised us that the road ahead may be very long before we know more about her condition. Unfortunately, she is not making much improvement and the doctors seem very concerned for her long term prognosis.

Today she underwent further tests and a brain MRI which we hope will give us some answers. Just after Kayla came out of her MRI her breathing became labored and an immediate X-Ray was ordered. It showed that her breathing tube was too far down her throat. Once they pulled the tube out just a bit, her breathing returned to normal. We were so scared but were so happy that she was doing better.

Much love,

Lisa, Jeff & Kayla Vittek

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