Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lisa Had Surgery for Placent Accreta

Yesterday....What an overwhelming day.

Lisa went into surgery Monday afternoon, 8/29 @3:00 pm, for what was to be a quick 15 minute procedure to remove another remaining portion of placenta that was left behind from her C section. Lisa’s Mom and I sat together in the ER waiting room. At 4:30pm, with no word, we became concerned. I checked with the nurse assistant who indicated that they were only halfway finished and the surgery was taking much longer than anticipated. We were told they would call us as soon as surgery was completed.

Finally, at 6:05 pm, nearly 3 hours later, the Dr. entered the waiting area and called us into conference with the updates. The Dr. informed us that Lisa was OK, was in the recovery room, and would remain there for another hour or two before returning back up to her room. Lisa was not coming out of the anesthesia as quickly as anticipated so they were being extra cautious. They also indicated that Lisa had lost more blood in this surgery than during her C section at Kayla’s birth. Lisa lost over half of her blood volume. The doctors were very overwhelmed and amazed at both the size and degree of difficulty in removing the remaining section of placenta. They said that Lisa had something called 'Placenta Accreta' which usually requires a hysterectomy but Lisa spoke with them before she went under and begged that they save her uterus at all costs. They chose to remove Lisa's placenta by hand and that is what ended up taking so long.

As of today, Lisa is now back in her room, very tired, still medicated, but recovering with the help of many pain medications.

As for Kayla … She is now up to 19 ml per hour of Mom’s milk. She is gaining weight and now at 6 lbs. 1oz, up from her original birth weight of 4 lbs. 15 oz. However, Kayla still has yet to make sounds due to the ventilator tube and her eyes have remained closed most of the time, only opening them a few times a day for several seconds.

Please keep up the prayers and messages....thanks,


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