Friday, August 5, 2005

Kayla's Health Issue Beyond Issues of Prematurity

First of all, Jeff and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your messages about our sweet little girl, Kayla. Each message has lifted us up and has provided us the strength to get through the next day. We understand that this is not the most personalized way to get in touch with us; however it is very crucial for us to have the free time to work with the doctors and be by Kayla's bedside right now. Thank you for understanding and for respecting our privacy. As we have time, we will be in touch with you.

The doctors have informed us that Kayla's health issues go beyond the normal issues of a premature baby. Yesterday, we met with her Neurologist, who had some finding from her brain MRI & CAT Scan. Unfortunately, the news was not very good but we are hopeful that she will prove the doctors wrong somehow. The doctors will continue progressive brain scans over the next few weeks to monitor her brain development and watch for changes in some abnormalities that they have discovered.

Kayla's neonatalogist ordered a spinal tap to help with her assessment. I saw my sister Kathy do a spinal tap on a baby a long time ago and almost passed out watching the procedure. It is so hard to think about sweet little Kayla being stuck with so many needles. Kayla has blood taken several times a day now to test for various things. I wish I could do something to protect her from all of this. Kayla's doctor confirmed that she has jaundice and they will begin UV light treatments immediately.

Please hold Kayla in your thoughts as she needs all of the love and prayers that she can get right now.

God bless,

Lisa, Jeff & Kayla Vittek

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