Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kayla's Lungs are Almost Re-Inflated

We have been getting updates from the nurses throughout the night that Kayla's vital signs are beginning to improve. She had an x-ray of her lungs this morning that show that the new ventilator and antibiotics are finally working. Kayla's lungs are almost re-inflated except for one small area near her heart. It turned out that she got an infection that they are still working on identifying and that is what caused her platelet levels to drop and her lungs to collapse. They gave her a broad spectrum antibiotic that covers a large number of infections and it appears to be working. She will remain on the new ventilator until her lungs get a little stronger so unfortunately will also remain sedated and we will not be able to hold her for now. At least she isn't in any pain.

They began placing her feeding tube into her stomach yesterday but it may take a few days for it to work its way into her lower bowel. Once it is properly placed they will begin feedings again. Hopefully once she is able to take the breast milk this will help her to begin fighting off any other potential bacteria that she is exposed to in the NICU.

We are heading out this morning to go visit with Kayla but will write more as things progress.


Lisa, Jeff & Kayla

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