Monday, August 29, 2005

Lisa's In the Hospital too!

Hi everyone. It's Jeff.

The past few days have been very challenging and tiresome.

On Saturday 8/27 @ at 2pm, Lisa began complaining of sever stomach pains. I took her to the Urgent Care at Sutter Hospital here in Roseville by our house. At 4pm, they informed Lisa that she was 5 cm dilated as her body was attempting to expel some remaining matter from her C section of 4 weeks ago. She was immediately sent to the Emergency Room where they performed a general procedure to help remove some placental matter.

After several hours in ER at Roseville, @11:00pm Sat. 8/27 night, they informed us Lisa needed to be admitted. We then requested a transfer by ambulance from Sutter Roseville to Sutter Memorial downtown so Lisa could be in the same hospital as Kayla so that she could still feed her. She spent the next 3 hours in that ER Room from 12 am-3am, and then finally to a room at 3:30am Sunday, 8/28 morning. Her Mom & I spent a night with Lisa her in her room. They placed Lisa on IV’s to help the matter removed itself and some antibiotics to fight off if there should be any infection. We were told she would probably be released on Mon. 8/29 afternoon.

Unfortunately, it’s now 2:00 pm Monday 8/29, and Lisa’s ultrasound this morning has revealed a large portion of placenta is still inside and needs to be surgically removed. They will be performing an immediate surgery on Lisa at 3:00pm today.

Please pray for Lisa's well being through this surgery as well as continued prayers to our little Kayla.

Thanks for everyone's continued prayers, messages, love, and offers for support. It means the world to us right now!


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